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Breast Cancer & Apples

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breast cancer and apples


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1. Can Apples Help Fight Breast Cancer?

We are all familiar with the common expression: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but what exactly are the health benefits of apples? There are many, from bone protection and asthma help to lowering cholesterol and supporting the function of the lungs. But recent studies have demonstrated with compelling scientific evidence that apples are also effective in the fight against breast cancer, view our apple juicing recipes. The most recent study, conducted at Cornell University, has shown that a daily apple dose reduced the risk of breast cancer by 17%. The same study demonstrated that when daily apple intake increased, so did the resistance to breast cancer – 3 apples per day reduced the risk of developing breast cancer by 39%, and 6 apples resulted in a risk reduction of 44%.

According to scientific evidence, the enzymes contained in apples counteract the malicious properties of adenocarcinoma, a malicious type of breast cancer. Moreover, apple peel contains within it a variety of triterpenoid compounds as well as phenolics (also known as flavonoids) which have been shown to inhibit cancer cells in laboratory settings. Juicing Tip

The leading medical experts have also agreed that consuming fresh grown fruits is more beneficial than taking a daily supplement. While the vitamins contained in apples can be found in a variety of pill and capsule forms, nothing beats the natural way. And, through going a step further and juicing the fresh, organic apples that have such potent, life nourishing elements, you are able to unlock the greatest value and immediately put the healing properties of the fruit to work within your body.