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The Fresh Squeezed Story on Juicing vs Blending

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In the age old battle of juicing vs blending, each contestant has benefits but the deciding factor, for a consumer, comes down to personal preference. Drinking raw juice, however it must be said, is not only good, it's really good for you! Let's not shortchange blending, as it has it's own perks. We'll break it down for you, so you can make an executive decision next time you're looking to ingest your fruits and veggies.

Let's talk juicing first!

If you're looking to start yourself on a raw diet juicing is the best way to go about it. Juicing gives you all the nutrients available in fruit and veggies without having to go through all the trouble of chewing. In less than a minute and with very little effort you can have a nice glass of juice to imbibe. Since you're not cooking the fruits and vegetables, the raw juice retains all of it's natural occurring nutrients. The fresh pressed nature of the raw juice enters your blood stream with ease in concentrated doses and your digestive organs do not need to do much.

The downfall to delicious raw juice, however, is the lack of fiber that comes with eliminating the pulp. Another potential negative in the world of juicing is the cost of buying a high end juicer. A good quality juicer will set you back a couple hundred dollars, but the healthy benefits are priceless, you won't need to drink processed juice again!

When you're trying to decide what to juice, consider the following – fruits, while delicious, also raise insulin levels in your body. For example, drinking the equivalent of four oranges can stress your insulin and blood sugar levels, this significantly increases your risk of developing diabetes or other cardiovascular disease. Unless you've been a health nut all your life, the dietary habits of Americans tend to affect your body's ability to absorb nutrients, especially those of vegetables. Juicing helps facilitate the absorption process. One trick of note about vegetable juice is that it is extremely perishable, so if you can, drink it up immediately!

The best vegetables to juice are leafy green veggies, to add flavor throw in some herbs like cilantro and add some kale, spinach or even cabbage.

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